About Air-Movement Engineering

Tradition for solving air-movement challenges through customer and application focus

Hessaire was founded in 1996 by Jack B. Hess Jr. Jack began designing fans for Brookside in1959. His design philosophy goes beyond the propeller design. He had unparalleled insight on air-movement through the complete system. He solved some of the most challenging air-movement design problems in HVAC and automotive industries. He consulted and held seminars to share his knowledge with engineers in Bosch and Carrier. His designs are widely used throughout the industry.

Deliver customized designs through innovations in manufacturing

Jack Hess also developed the manufacturing process to deliver on his design philosophy of customizing design for application. Hessaire flexible manufacturing process allows for quick setup to adjust for any prop geometry. The manufacturing process can efficiently handle production runs large and small. Hessaire’s proprietary tooling also allows adjustments to compensate for variations in sheet metal enabling Hessaire to hold the tightest tolerances in the industry.

Growing through new products and expansion overseas

Hessaire has operation in Jingjiang, Jiangsu China to support our customers in their global expansions. Our product offerings have grown over the years to include cast aluminum and injection molded plastic props. Today, Hessaire offers the broadest range of axial propellers in North America. Our focus has always been solving air-movement challenges for our customers.

Hessaire offers the broadest range of axial propellers in the industry.

Engineering: knowledge and the accessibility of Hessaire’s engineering staff to our customers sets Hessaire apart from our competition. Let our experienced engineers tackle your most difficulty air-movement challenges.

Testing capabilities

– 33,000cfm air-chamber

– Strain gauge

– Modal analysis

– Heat rise on motors

– Noise and vibration

Software design tools:

– computational fluid dynamic (CFD)

– Finite element analysis (FEA)

– Pro E, Solid Works