Complete Cooling and Air Movement Solutions

Low-cost ventilation for agricultural and industrial uses

Hessaire Air Movement

We offer circulation and exhaust fans for powerful cooling and ventilation capabilities.


Our fans are designed for home and industrial settings. We offer state-of-the-art engineered products for your needs.

Hessaire for every application


Circulation Fans

Choose from our line of circulation fans based on your specific needs and the type of location you wish to install and maintain a consistent interior environment.


Exhaust Fans

Remove stagnant air and odours from any area.


OEM Propellers

Our props are designed in-house with a team of PhD scientists and wind lab.


Parts & Accessories

We provide high-quality replacement parts and accessories for all of our ventilation products.

Engineered To Perform

Our innovative and heavy-duty fan series function flawlessly in any condition.